I believe I have heard that the numbers of Autistic kids is on the rise.  A lot.  Granted, we are finding out more and more about autisim...and the wide spectrum it covers, but this is a new twist on it.

Check out this company that only wants to hire autistic people.  They believe that the way they can see things differently, and think differently, will be what can push them into the future.

I think its an impressive look at people and how we really all have purpose and can work together for our good.

Check it out!

A German software company has very specific requirements for some of their new employees. SAP is looking for people who have been diagnosed with autism. In the next seven years, they hope to hire at least 650 people with autism due to their intelligence and "keen attention to detail." So far, SAP has hired six software testers who have autism. "Innovation comes from the edges," SAP exec Luisa Delgado said. "Only by employing people who think differently and spark innovation will SAP be prepared to handle the challenges of the 21st century." The company has partnered with Specialisterne, a Danish organization that helps place people with autism in IT jobs.