By Samantha Drake |

Which are the dog breeds
that bark most?
That's a tough question to answer because every dog is different. It also
depends on your definition of a dog that barks "a lot."

Dogs bark for myriad reasons. They can be bored, lonely,
or hungry; they can need to go outside or want to play with you; or they see a
stranger, an animal, ...or a piece of paper. Not all barking is bad, of course.
For watch dogs, barking is a necessary behavior, and not an annoyance.

Generally, dog breeds that bark the most are not limited
to little "yappy" dogs, either. Dogs that bark come in all shapes sizes; too
much barking is really the product of training, or lack thereof.

are five dog breeds that bark more than most:

1. Beagles. Bred
for hunting, beagles are known for barking at anything that moves. In fact,
Snoopy may be the only beagle who doesn't bark much.
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2. Wire Fox
 Another hunting breed, a bored Wire Fox Terrier is
a barking Wire Fox Terrier, particularly if left outside for long periods. 

3. West Highland White
Barking is one of the Westie's favorite means of
communication, so if you want your Westie to keep it down, you'll need to focus
on teaching her what's proper.
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4. Miniature
 Like many dogs, Miniature Schnauzers are smart. This breed
can quickly figure out how to manipulate his people by barking to get what the
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5. Toy Poodle.
Toy Poodles are believed to be one of the most easily trainable breeds, which
will come in handy because they also love to bark.

Dogs of any breed are
going to bark, and some will bark more than others. Figuring out why your dog
barks will go a long way towards training her to bark less often, or to stop
barking when you tell her to.

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