The history of the laugh track

We've been talking about of the rumored "fake" crowd noises during the upcoming NFL season if the league proceeds with the season without fans in the stands. I started thinking, most TV sitcoms which famously used a laugh track or "laff box" as they're called, really don't why is that?

According to Cheddar, Fake laughing on TV shows stems from the change from a one-camera style of sitcom with a studio audience really laughing and the actors doing multiple takes of the same scene, to the more modern three-camera system in which three different camera capture the same scene, and then editors going in a cutting the different takes together. This three-camera system caused the audience laughter to be inconsistent and in the wrong places...hence the "laff box".

In recent years, a lot of sitcoms like Modern Family and Parks and Rec have forgone audiences altogether.

Check out the explanation here...

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