Don’t Miss A Beat. Know Your Risk For Heart Disease

You want a lot out of life. But that means taking care of yourself. Especially your heart. Fortunately, you can count on CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Heart and Vascular. As the area’s leading source for heart care, we provide more ways to prevent heart disease and to help you improve your heart health. We offer comprehensive, innovative treatments right here, close to home and family. And the first step is easy; just take your FREE online Heart Health Risk Assessment. Or make an appointment for your Heart Calcium Screening. Both will help you learn early on if you’re at risk or actually have heart disease. So you can take action to prevent it or correct it. Living well through better heart health. It starts right here at CHRISTUS Southeast Texas.

Take your free Heart Health Risk Assessment at Or schedule a Heart Calcium Scan at (888) 228-1508 for only $75, without a physician’s order.


CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Outpatient Pavilion St. Elizabeth
755 N. 11th Street, Beaumont TX

CHRISTUS Southeast Texas Outpatient Center Mid County
8801 9th Avenue, Port Arthur TX

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