Most Popular Christmas Cookie Searches by State

I was a little bit surprised by this list. Really, here in the Lone Star we are searching for a Springerle....Um....I had to google what a springerle cookie is!! Ah, pretty much a German shortbread cooking with an imprint. Find out more about google Christmas cookie searches below.

Google Trends shared a map with USA TODAY of uniquely searched Christmas cookies by state in 2022. The map shows cookies that were overrepresented in a state compared to the country as a whole. 

Cultural Christmas cookies, including Italian, German, Mexican and Polish varieties, were favorites in states across the country. Others opted for the ever-popular gingerbread cookies or peanut butter blossoms, which are peanut butter cookies often made with chocolate in the center. 

Other states opted for unique cookies, such as Arkansas' Kitchen Sink Christmas Cookies, which are Christmas cookies that can include candies, pretzels and other add-ins. Missouri searched for red velvet cookies, while Kansas chose hot chocolate cookies and Hawaii chose Ube Christmas cookies. (USA TODAY)

Check out your state’s uniquely searched Christmas cookies below:

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