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Taylor Swift Says She's Never Been Happier!

Francia Raisa Says Shes Getting Bullied By Selena Gomez Fans!

Fracia Raisa getting bullied by Selena Gomez fans, Angel Reese has landed in the “Sports Illustrated”, Kelly Clarkson is movig to New York, Ed Sheeran is in celebration mode and more “Little Mermaid” clips!

Twitter Took Away Blue Checks And The Gave Some Of Them Back!

Kim Kardashian took in Usher's Vegas show, Lizzo made a beautiful statement in Tennessee, Simone Biles is married, Twitter blue checks are a mess and an update on Jamie Foxx's medical complications!

The Jonas Brothers Are Doing 3 Secret Shows!

The Jonas Brothers are doing 3 surprise shows, J-Hope is officially enlisted, Chris Evans has been ghosted before, Ryan Reynolds talks Hugh Jackman and the star-studded Netflix series “All The Light We Cannot See” is a must see!

Taylor Swift Assures Fans She's "OK" Post Breakup!

Taylor Swift says she's 'OK', Jamie Foxx is still in the hospital, Ariana Madix is making out with a mystery man, 'Love is Blnid' season 4 reunion show was a chaotic mess and more sneak peaks od Ariana Grande as Glinda!

Priyanka Chopra Said No To Dating Nick Jonas, At First!

Priyanka pushed Nick Jonas away in the beginning of their relationship, Scheana vs Raquel, Damar Hamlin is turning his medical scare on the field into a wonderful thing and Wes Anderson’s “Asteroid City” has a trailer!

The Internet Questions Harry Styles Kissing Skils!

Harry Styles might be a bad kisser, 'The Kardashians' is back with season 3, Orlando Bloom visits Ukraine, Indiana Jones will premiere at Cannes and Molly Shannon is coming back to SNL!

Bad Bunny May Owe His Ex 40 Million Dollars!

Bad Bunny sued by his ex girlfriend, Jimin teases new music, Gaten Matrazzo does not want 'Stranger Things' to end, Anne Hathaway is becoming a popstar and Cameron Diaz is said to be leaving acting again for good!

Megan Fox Is Setting The record Straight On Sophie Lloyd!

P!nk‘s new album, “Trustfall" is here, Megan Fox is fed up, Hayden Panettiere’s brother has died at age 28 and “Hellboy” is being rebooted yet again.

Megan Fox And MGK Haven't Officially Broken Up...Yet!

Highest rated Superbowl commercial, Megan Fox and Fox aren't completely broken up, is Ironman coming back from the dead and 'Wednesday' on Netflix is WINNING!